Discover the Summer Collection - CATCH ME IN THE SUN

Discover the Summer Collection - CATCH ME IN THE SUN

Get ready to shine and embrace the vibrant spirit of summer with our amazing Catch Me in the Sun collection! The Catch Me in the Sun collection is not just about beautiful colors; it's about expressing who you are and how you feel this summer. These colors are versatile and can be worn on any occasion: whether you're relaxing by the pool or dancing at a beach party, these colors will make your nails stand out with joy and energy.

Introducing six irresistible colors, each designed to capture the essence of summer:

R7870 - Pistachio: A soft and refreshing green, perfect for a casual and modern look.

K6707N - Ice Cream: A sweet and creamy pastel shade, ideal for relaxed and tasty moments.

ASC99 - Sunlight: A radiant yellow that brings all the energy and brightness of the sun to your nails.

L1185 - Smoothie: A vibrant pink color that's as refreshing as your favorite summer drink.

A40N - Sunburn: An intense pink that reminds you of the passion of the hottest days.

A63 - Pool Party: A deep and refreshing blue, perfect for diving in style.

To make your summer even more amazing, this collection includes an incredible beach towel absolutely FREE with your purchase. Choose from three stunning colors: Yellow, Blue, and Pink. These towels are perfect for standing out while you enjoy the sun. 🌞🏖️

Don't miss the chance to make your summer unforgettable with the Catch Me in the Sun collection. Each color has been carefully selected to ensure your nails are the highlight of any event or moment.



Buy Now and Shine with the Catch Me in the Sun Collection! 🌞✨

Don't waste time, as this collection is limited and you won't want to miss out!


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