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Multiple Salon Package

Multiple Salon Package

Multiple Salon Package

MULTIPLE SALON PACKAGE (€2.535,00 saving €760,50)

The Multiple Salon package is perfect for salon networks looking to offer the perfect mani/pedi to its clients at significantly reduced price. You’ll be able to offer the world’s best manicure service, saving water, time and money!

The Multiple Salon Package contains:

  • 12 Boxes (gloves or socks)
  • 9 Extraordinary Foot Files
  • 42 Gel Express nail polishes
  • 12 Towels
  • 3 Door Sticker
  • 100 Flyers
  • The benefits of this package are:

  • Be confident that each of the products has been designed to work together.
  • Easily manage your stock levels. 
  • Good for 1,080 services (manicures or pedicures).
  • Secure an outstanding discount on our normal prices.
  • Offer a faster service saving unto 15 minutes per service!
  • No more water needed: reduce waste.
  • Receive Social Network marketing support.