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Cuticle Nipper - 722 Professional Premium

Cuticle Nipper - 722 Professional Premium

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The Best Cuticle Nipper in the World! Mundial’s 722-PR is a cuticle nipper endowed with sublime technical qualities. Exclusively designed for manicure and pedicure professionals to guarantee a flawless service.

 Each package contains:

A Mundial’s Cuticle Nipper 722-PR Professional Premium.


Sterilizable High-Quality Stainless steel

How to use

Remove it following the shape of the nails. Be careful not to remove skin in excess. To keep your nipper in good conditions, prevent it from drops and keep it dry, clean and lubricated.


Anatomical: Long, anatomical and textured handle. Perfectly fits the hand for more comfort and precision. The ultra-sliding friction-reducing pipette brings greater comfort and smoothness handle, ensuring a more precise cut for a perfect service result.

Sharp: Factory sharpened and ready to use.

Sterliziable: Sterilizable in any kind of sterilizer, such as an autoclave or a disinfectant solution.

Stainless steel: Because they are made of high quality stainless steel, Mundial's cuticle nipper do not oxidize or rust between washes or uses.

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