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Gel Express - But, First Coffee - Collection

Gel Express - But, First Coffee - Collection

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Introducing BrazzCare's Gel Express Coffee-Inspired Collection, in collaboration with our ambassador Higor Silva!

Wake up and smell the innovation with BrazzCare's latest offering: the Gel Express Coffee-Inspired Collection. Designed with the bustling nail professional in mind, this collection celebrates the indispensable role of coffee in our daily routines. Because let's face it, a day in the world of nails just wouldn't be the same without that invigorating cup of joe.

Featuring six stunning nude shades, our Gel Express Collection is a tribute to the rituals that fuel our creativity and passion. From Pink Latte to deep Espresso, these versatile colors are perfect for every occasion, whether you're working in the salon or hitting the town.

But that's not all – we're taking your coffee obsession to the next level with our exclusive Coffee Cup. Practical, stylish, and oh-so-convenient, this cup is the perfect accessory for nail professionals on the go. Say goodbye to disposable cups and hello to sustainable chic!

And what makes this collection even more special? It's a collaboration with none other than our ambassador Higor Silva! With his expertise and passion for nails, Higor has helped us craft a collection that speaks to the heart of every nail professional.

When it comes to creating beautiful nails, a little caffeine goes a long way.

 But, First Coffee - Collection 6 Colours

R9123 - Pink Macchiato

R10938 - Latte beige

R10447 - Hot chocolate

L1124N - Blush Expresso

L1125 - Expresso

L1770N - Almond Cream

But, First Coffee - Collection 3 Colours + 1 Top Coat

R9123 - Pink Macchiato

R10938 - Latte beige

R10447 - Hot chocolate

Top Shine One-step Express Gel 


Ingredients: Di-Hena, Trimethylhexyl, Dicarbamate, ethylene, Glycol, Methacrylate, Polymer, Acrylate, Oligomer, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl, phenylketone phenyls (2,4,6 - trimethybenzoy) Phosphine oxide, Pigment.

How to use

With the application of a very thin layer, BrazzCare One-Step Gel Express provides full coverage, ensures long-lasting durability and easy removal by the professional.

Ensure a perfect finish with BrazzCare's top coat: Shine Express or Shine Express - Matte Effect.


Quick application
Gel Express allows you to apply Gel Express directly onto the nail without the need for base coat or primer, reducing your manicure service time.

Quick drying
Fast drying, compatible with UV/ CCFL-LED (60 seconds) and UV-LED Lamps (120 seconds)


Long-lasting varnish, up to 4 weeks, with the thickness of a normal nail polish.

Indicated for natural nails, gel extensions or tips.

Easy Removal
A good nail polish is one that lasts a long time and is easy to apply and remove. Because it is applied in thin layers, our varnish is easy to remove. Simply apply acetone and leave to work, removing the remaining pieces with a spatula.

Total coverage
Even on light colours, you can get an even and opaque coverage with only two coats of Gel Express.

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