Full of benefits

  • Sustainable

    No waste of water.

    Saving over 5 liters of water per service.

  • Efficient

    Save up to 15 minutes

    on each manicure or pedicure.

  • Safer

    Totally individualized kits, disposable after each service.

  • Hygienic

    Softens and protects the cuticle, facilitating its removal.

  • Inês Rodrigues

    I've been using the products for some time and I'm a fan! Excellent quality!

    Portugal, 2019

  • Sophie Brown

    My manicure has never been the same! BrazzCare gloves are amazing.

    England, 2020

  • Isabel Martínez

    My manicurist always uses the manicure and pedicure kits. The emollient is fantastic, it moisturizes deeply and the nail polish lasts much longer.

    Spain, 2023

  • Giulia Rossi

    An experienced manicurist like no other in the world...

    Italy, 2022

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