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Brazzcare takes a new manicure and pedicure experience all over the world through the events, clients and distributors.

About us

"BrazzCare - Professional Nail Care is a brand that was born from the desire to integrate the strong culture of nail care and beauty, creating a revolutionary and differentiating product: emollient gloves and socks. Imagine a manicure or pedicure service that does not need water, saving time and resources. In this line, our brand adds other products such as Foot File or Gel Express they are also market references within their categories."

António Picado, CEO

  • Cruelty Free

    Whether through our non-animal tested products, whether by encouraging others.

  • Sustainable

    We contributed to saving over 250.000.000 liters of water.

  • Safer

    Our products guarantee non-transmissibility of diseases and infections.

  • Vegan

    Any of our products are not made from animal material.

Choosen by professionals around the world

Some countries have an official distributor exclusively to sell Brazzcare products. If you are in one of the countries listed, please contact our distributor, as you will not be able to buy from our online store.

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