How To Use

How to use our Pedicure Kits

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure your work area is spotless for pedicure services. Sanitise your hands and the customers feet before starting any diagnosis with our Pre-Service.

Step 2: Sock Application

Each sock is generously filled with 30g of our professional emollient cream. Before you start, it's important to spread the emollient uniformly all over the socks. Dive into the emollient magic!

Step 3: Glove Application

Sock it up: Slide into those Emollient Socks and treat the feet to a pampering experience.

The socks provide a luxurious and moisturizing touch, softening cuticles for a spa-like feel.

Step 4: Foot Care

Cut the tips off the socks and get to work, starting the cuticle process. Go on a cuticle care journey, providing a complete and relaxing treatment.

Then use our Foot File to remove all calluses and take advantage of the fact that the emollient has left all the skin softer than if it had been soaked in water.

Step 5: Massage Time

Remove the socks and use the remaining emollient for a soothing foot massage. The emollient cream elevates the whole pedicure experience, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

Step 6: Nail Polish Application

Apply alcohol to each nail to activate the polish's fixing polymer, ensuring the best adhesion for the next products. Apply your chosen nail polish, taking advantage of your soft, well-prepared nails and feet. Remember that these socks go with all types of pedicure; just make sure you clean the nail properly.

Step 7: Cleanup

Dispose the used socks, they are designed for individual and unique use to guarantee safety in all pedicure services.

And there you have it! Your pedicure is ready to steal the spotlight. Enjoy the convenience of having a professional and complete solution for numerous pedicure services without the need of numerous products.


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