5 Steps for a Perfect Waterless Pedicure

5 Steps for a Perfect Waterless Pedicure

5 Steps for a Perfect Waterless Pedicure

To fulfill all the requirements that we value, the basis for a perfect pedicure service is the non-use of water. Because it is more hygienic, safe and sustainable. On the other hand, pedicure becomes more comfortable, faster and sustainable. Which increases the customer's perception of a value-added service, compared to the traditional pedicure.

1st Step - Applying PreService

The first and essential step that precedes any pedicure service is cleaning and preparing the feet. BrazzCare's PreService is an alcohol and Tea Tree based solution that provides safety and a soothing effect on the skin. You must always spray your hands and the customers feet before starting the pedicure service. Do not wash with them with water. Clean up excess only if necessary.

2nd Step - Using BrazzCare's kit for Pedicure

As BrazzCare's pedicure kit contains everything you need. You can start by using the disposable file to sand your client's nails. Then, put on the disposable socks, as they contain an emollient rich in minerals inside, take the opportunity to massage their feet, so that they stay hydrated, as well as the cuticles, facilitating their removal. Then use the wooden stick to work and push on the cuticles. Now they are good to be removed, we suggest to use our Mundial's Cuticle Nipper, as it is the best in the world. After you remove and the cuticles, you can now take the socks off, by cutting them. Use the remaining emollient to gently massage the feet again.

3rd Step - Sanding feet with our FootFile

In this step, you need a FootFile to sand the palm of the feet. We suggest our Extraordinary Foot File as it has a two abrasion face: A thick one, that removes calluses and thicker skins, and a thinner side that delivers a more precise finish, which reaches areas that are difficult to access.

4th Step - Painting and drying nails with BrazzCare's Nail Polish

Now that both nails and feet are fully cared... It's time to paint the nails. At BrazzCare you have over 40 shades for all tastes. After painting them, you have to dry them. As Our Gel Express quickly dries in the UV/LED+ oven. The pedicure will be fast.

5th Step - Applying the BrazzCare's Top Coat and drying it

For the perfect finish you must always apply BrazzCare's Top Coat. As you have to options to choose from (Shine or Matte). Just like the Nail Polish you have to dry it afterwards. But now problem it only takes 2 minutes tops!

Now that you know all the steps, do you understand why we consider the perfect pedicure?
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