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Catch me in the sun - Summer Collection

Catch me in the sun - Summer Collection

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Catch me in the sun - Collection
Towel color

Get ready to shine with the Catch Me in the Sun Collection! ☀️

Embrace the vibrant spirit of summer with our six stunning shades, perfect for any sunny day adventure. Whether you're lounging by the pool or dancing at a beach party, these colors will make your nails pop with joy and energy. And the best part? To make your summer even brighter, we're including a stylish beach towel absolutely free! Choose from four eye-catching colors: Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Perfect for soaking up the sun in style. 🌞🏖️

Catch me in the sun - Collection:

R7870 - Pistachio

K6707N - Ice Cream

ASC99 - Sunlight

L1185 - Smoothie

A40N - Sunburn

A63 - Pool party


Ingredients: Di-Hena, Trimethylhexyl, Dicarbamate, ethylene, Glycol, Methacrylate, Polymer, Acrylate, Oligomer, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl, phenylketone phenyls (2,4,6 - trimethybenzoy) Phosphine oxide, Pigment

How to use

Prepare Your Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. Gently push back your cuticles and lightly buff the surface of your nails to ensure they’re smooth.

Use the Top Coat as a Base Coat: For extra durability, apply a thin layer of our Top Coat as your base. This simple step can extend the life of your manicure up to 4 weeks!

Apply Gel Express: Shake the bottle well before use. Apply two thin coats of Gel Express Varnish which provides full coverage and guarantees long-lasting durability.
Seal with Top Coat: Finish with another layer of the Top Coat to seal in the color and add extra shine. This not only enhances the appearance but also protects the nails.

Dry Under UV/LED Lamp: The nails should be dried under a UV or LED lamp to help the nail polish set perfectly.

Why You’ll Love It

Quick and Easy: No need for a base coat means you save time on your manicure.
Long-Lasting: With the Top Coat used as a base, enjoy beautiful nails for up to 4 weeks.
Glossy Shine: The Top Coat adds a gorgeous, glossy finish that looks professional.

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