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NAIL F@CK3R - Nail File

NAIL F@CK3R - Nail File

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The irreverent Nail F@CK3R is a nail file made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, with a double abrasion side: a more abrasive side to give shape to the nail and a thinner side to allow a perfect finish. As it is sterilized in an autoclave or by disinfectant solution, it offers up to 500 manicure or pedicure services.


Each package contains:

Professional Nail File


Sterilizable High-Quality Stainless steel.

How to use

Start the nail service by using the COARSE to file a larger area of the nail. Then use the FINE side to reach the best nail finish. Always sterilize the Nail File with Autoclave; 70 - 90% Isopropry; Ethyl alcohol or EPA (registered disinfectant).


Anatomical: Light, resistant, thin and anatomical.

Durability As it is made of high quality stainless steel, it does not oxidize or rust between washes or uses.

Return on investment: Unlike disposable files, BrazzCare’s Nail File provides more than 500 manicure or pedicure services. Developed to provide an efficient and profitable service of superior technical quality.

Bifacial surface: The Nail F@CK3R has two abrasion faces: a more abrasive side for shaping the nail and a fine abrasion side for perfect finishes.

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